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Study the word list: GCSE Art 3

Key words for GCSE Art.

Word list: GCSE Art 3

thematic Thematic is when the artwork relates to a particular theme.
expressive Expressive art conveys a thought or feeling.
appearance Appearance is how the artwork looks.
deconstruction Deconstruction describes something that is being distorted or fragmented.
objective Objective artwork accurately represents the real world.
subjective Subjective artwork is influenced by the artist's point of view.
interpretation Interpretation is how an artist translates what they have learnt or seen into their work.
representational Representational art has strong visual references to the real world.
formal Formal elements are the various parts that make up a piece of art.
elements Formal elements are the various parts that make up a piece of art.
application Application is the way materials are used while creating art, for example how the paint is applied to a canvas.
experiment Artists experiment with techniques, processes, and styles to progress.
exploration Exploration is to investigate and study an area in detail for inspiration.
media In art, media are the materials used to create work.
technique Technique is the application of skills and approaches to produce work.
process In art, process refers to the steps taken in order to create work.
material A material is a substance or surface used to create a piece of art.
mixed-media Mixed-media is when more than one medium is used to create artwork.
depth Depth refers the the visual effect of distance in an artwork.
pencil A pencil is a lead drawing instrument.

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