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Study the word list: GCSE Chemistry: Electrolysis 2

Key words for GCSE Chemistry

Word list: GCSE Chemistry: Electrolysis 2

halide A halide is an atom from group 7 on the periodic table (halogens) which has gained an electron to form an item.
reactive If a substance is reactive, it reacts easily.
reactivity Reactivity refers to how reactive something is.
pure If a substance is pure, it is not mixed with anything else.
purify If you purify a substance, it means your turn it into a pure element or compound.
graphite Graphite is a carbon allotrope.
electrolysis Electrolysis describes the process of breaking down a compound using an electrical current.
discharged Discharged means the charge is removed or released.
compound Two or more elements in a substance make a compound.
ore A mineral or rock that metal is extracted from is called ore.
inert If a substance is inert, it means it is unreactive.
subatomic Protons, neutrons, and electrons are the subatomic particles found in an atom.
allotrope An allotrope is a form in which an element can exist, for example charcoal, graphite, and diamonds are are allotropes of carbon.
ion An ion is formed when an atom or a group of atoms gains or loses and electron.

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