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Study the word list: ph words - set 2

The /f/ sound is usually spelt with an f, or, if after a short vowel sound, the letters ff .

However, have you ever noticed that some words, like phone and alphabet, are pronounced with an f sound but are spelt with the letter combination ph?

This unusual spelling can be traced back to origins in Ancient Greek, where the letter phi (Φ) represented the f sound. Over time, this Ancient Greek influence found its way into the English language, giving us the ph spelling pattern.

As you become a more confident speller, you will begin to notice that this spelling pattern often appears in words which share the same Ancient Greek root, for example: photograph, photocopy, and photosynthesis all contain the root photo which is spelt using the letters ph.

alphabet There are 26 letters in the alphabet.
apostrophe You can use an apostrophe to show that something belongs to someone.
hyphen A hyphen can be used to join two words: good-looking.
phrase A phrase is a small group of words.
pamphlet The shop gave out a small pamphlet about its price cuts.
physician The physician prescribed medicine.
pharmacy Please get me some pills from the pharmacy.
physical Physical exercise is good for your health.
elephant Young elephants are called calves.
dolphin The dolphin swam in the sea.
phantom She was convinced a phantom spirit haunted the house.
nephew My young nephew is called Luke.
prophet The prophet said a holy man would come.
orphan A child who has lost both parents is an orphan.
triumph The winning team held up the cup in triumph.
catastrophe A tsunami is a catastrophe.
emphasis The speaker put much emphasis on his main point.
phobia Many people have a phobia or fear of spiders.
trophy The trophy is a constant reminder of his success.
typhoon Two ships were sunk in the typhoon.

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