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Study the word list: Using ch to spell the /k/ sound

In these words of Greek origin, the letters ch are used to spell the sound /k/.

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Unripe fruit can give you stomach ache.
The ship dropped anchor in the bay.
The car crash caused chaos on the busy road.
In the UK a drugstore is called a chemist.
I've been chosen to sing in the chorus.
Shout across the valley to hear the echo.
Monarch is another word for king or queen.
Orchids grow in tropical lands.
He thought he had a clever scheme to win the lottery.
Unripe fruit can give you stomach ache.
The new store will be designed by a top architect.
I like a person with a friendly character.
The student passed all his chemistry exams.
Cholera is a terrible disease.
The orchestra played softly in the background.
A good mechanic can fix any make of car.
A technical fault set off the fire alarm.
Computer technology is changing the world.
School starts at the same time each day. *

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Learn about these words in Unit 5. Spelling the consonant digraphs, Part 2

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