Spelling the /ch/ sound - is it ch or tch?

Choose from ch or tch.
The rule is 'After a short vowel you need tch
- but don't forget the 4 rule-breakers!

Work out which letters are missing then type the whole word.

The crowd gave a loud __eer.
Use a ma___ to light the fire.
John likes ke___up on all his food.
He has had too mu___ to drink.
I can't rea___ the top shelf.
Please fe___ me a cloth.
A large bran___fell on my car.
It's the best bea___ on the island.
Turn the swi___ to the left.
The Du___ come from Holland.
You have to be ri___ to live in there.
The pi___ was too wet to play on.


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Unit 5: Spelling the consonant digraphs

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