Spelling the sound /sh/: sh ch ti ci

Which spelling is correct?

Hint: there are no new ch ti ci words here - only the ones in the list.

Choose the correct word

Type it in here

Catch the train at the station/stashon.
Put clean cheets/sheets on the bed.
Let's have some shampagne/champagne.
The crashed/crached cars were towed away.
A birthday is a speshal/special day.
Please menshun/mention my name.
She has brownish/brownich hair.
Is this milk fresh/frech enough to drink?
That meal was delishus/delicious.
Go to the information/informashon desk.
Will her parachute/parashute open?
My socks have shrunk/chrunk in the wash.


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Unit 5: Spelling the consonant digraphs

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