Spelling the long vowel sound /ē/: ee, ea , e-e, y

homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words Homophones from this section:

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

hear - with your ears

here - a place
Did you hear that strange noise?

Don't put it here, put it over there.
Learning tip to help your spelling
1) You hear with your ears

2) Here is a place - like there and where:

"We seek him here, we seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere."
from 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'
help with long vowel sound e
help with long vowel sound e

beach - sand by the sea

beech - a tree
Lie by the sea on the beach.

Beech trees drop their leaves.
Learning tip to help your spelling Look at the two sentences above and work out your own learning tip for beach and beech.

read - read a book

reed - tall grass
My little boy loves to read.

Reeds grow by the river.

heel - part of the foot

heal - get better
I've got a blister on my heel.

Cover it up until it heals.

week - 7 days

weak - not strong
You can have a day off next week.

I don't like weak coffee.

real - true

reel -
1) bobbin
2) stagger
Are those real diamonds in your ring?

1) Fishing line is wound round a reel.
2) The smell made me reel back.

deer - animal

dear - beloved
Deer are very shy animals

Start a letter with 'Dear Sir'.

steel - metal

steal - rob
The knife is made of stainless steel.

A mugger tried to steal my wallet.
Learning tip to help your spelling Steel: Steel is strong -
and two ee's are stronger than one

cheap - not expensive

cheep - sound of a bird
The food is very cheap in this cafe.

The little chicks went 'cheep, cheep'.

been - past tense of 'be'

bean - plant, vegetable
Where have you been all night?

Her favourite food is beans on toast.

leek - vegetable

leak - let out liquid
Leeks taste a bit like onions.

The broken tap is leaking.
Learning tip to help your spelling 1) Leeks are green.
2) The tap leaks with water
help with long vowel sound e

meet - face to face

meat - to eat
Can you meet me at the bus stop?

Some people never eat meat.

feet - to stand on

feat - deed, exploit
These new boots make my feet hurt.

To sail round the world is a great feat.

peek - small look

peak - highest point
Take a peek at the sleeping baby.

It was a great feat to reach the peak.

seem - appear

seam - join
You seem to be doing very well at this course.

Dan stitched up the torn seam of his coat.

need - require

knead - work dough
I need to get some more sleep.

Knead the dough to make the pizza.
For more words with kn please see Unit 24, Silent Letters.

jeans - denim trousers

genes - part of DNA
I like my old jeans more than my new ones.

Our genes control what we look like.

sweet -
1) candy
2) cute

suite - a set

1) Too many sweets are bad for the teeth.
2) The baby looks so sweet in that new dress.

The best suite of rooms costs $500 a night.

flee - run away

flea - insect
The gunman was fleeing from the police.

That dog is covered in fleas.

shear - cut

sheer - very steep
Shear the sheep in summer.

There is a sheer drop at the cliff edge.

Spelling learning activities There are many homophones for the long /ē/ sound.
To remember them all:
1) Print this homophone page and file it.
2) Make up your own sentences for the tricky words.
3) Invent your own 'Learning Tips' where you need them.
4) Then try the homophones test which follows this Unit.

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