Spelling list: je words

A few words do use the letter j before e .

jet The first jet plane flew in 1939.
jerk The car started off with a jerk.
jeep A jeep can drive over rocky ground.
jeer Some people might mock and jeer at my speech.
jelly Before my speech I was shaking like a jelly.
jew A Jew is a follower of Judaism.
jewel The jewel was set in a gold ring.
jersey The leader of the cycle race wears a yellow jersey.
jeopardy His brave actions put his life in jeopardy.
eject When the pilot ejected his parachute opened.
inject We will inject the children to prevent the illness spreading.
object Do not touch the objects on display.
project I would be grateful for your help with this project.
reject I will reject these goods as unfit for purpose.
subject Trains are often subject to delay.

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