Spelling list: Words ending in ery

In these words the weak vowel sound before y is spelled with the letters er, making the ending ery.

archery Archery is a popular sport for disabled athletes.
artery The main artery carries blood from the heart.
battery The car battery has run dry.
celery He doesn't like celery in a salad.
cemetery The dead are buried in a cemetery.
crockery Plates, cups and saucers are known as crockery.
cutlery The maid polished the silver cutlery.
every Brush your teeth every day to prevent decay.
forgery The banknote was a forgery. *
gallery The art gallery has a new exhibition.
lottery He thought he had a clever scheme to win the lottery.
machinery Take care when using machinery.
misery His death caused the family great misery.
mystery We watched a murder mystery on TV.
nursery When I was small I went to a nursery. *
scenery The Rocky Mountains have some fantastic scenery.
slavery In 1865 slavery was abolished in the USA.
surgery Surgery is a medical operation.
treachery Treachery means betrayal.
trickery We were amazed by the entertainer's trickery.

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