Spelling list: -ture words - set 1

In these words the final syllable has a weak sound, a bit like /cher/. This sound is usually spelled ture.

capture There's a big reward for his capture.
creature A crocodile is a very dangerous creature.
culture Liverpool is a city of culture.
feature Persistent precipitation is an unfortunate feature of British weather. *
fracture Jane had a fracture in her right arm. *
fixture The display had become a permanent fixture at the museum.
future In the foreseeable future.
lecture The professor gave a lecture on ancient history.
mixture An alloy is a mixture of metals.
moisture Humidity is the amount of moisture in th air. *
nature The explorer was audacious by nature.
pasture The cattle were grazed in the pasture.
posture Posture is important when playing a musical instrument.
puncture Tom had to submerge his bike tyre to find the puncture. *
sculpture His sculpture was carved from a block of stone.
structure The pelvis, or pelvic bone, derived from the Latin word for 'basin', is an anatomical structure found in most vertebrates. *
texture Velvet has a very soft texture.
torture Torture was widespread in the Middle Ages.
vulture A vulture eats the flesh of dead creatures.
picture His picture was on the front page.

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