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Study the word list: GCSE Religious Studies: Catholic Christianity 3

Key words for GCSE Religious Studies.

Word list: GCSE Religious Studies: Catholic Christianity 3

mystery The Paschal mystery is important for teachings about redemption and salvation.
peace Peace is the opposite of war, it is when we live together in harmony.
pilgrimage A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy site or sacred place as an act of worship.
plainchant Plainchant is the chanting used during Liturgy.
priesthood Priesthood is becoming an ordained member of the clergy.
prophecy Prophecy is a literary form within the Bible they contain messages from God.
Psalms The Psalms are poems found in the Old Testament of the Bible.
purgatory Purgatory is a state between Heaven and Hell where the effects of sin are removed before passing to Heaven.
reconciliation Reconciliation is where Catholics are absolved from their sins.
redemption In the Catholic faith, redemption is the salvation of humanity by Jesus Christ.
resurrection The resurrection is when God raised Jesus from the dead.
revelation Revelation is when God reveals himself to humanity such as through scripture or the person of Jesus.
sacramental The sacramental view of reality is to see the Divine in everything.
reality The sacramental nature of reality is the grace of God being present in the physical world.
sacraments There are seven Sacraments in the Catholic Church.
salvation Salvation is the belief that Christians are set free through the suffering and resurrection of Jesus.
sanctity Sanctity of life is the belief that all humans are sacred because they are created by God.
Vatican The Second Vatican Council is the council of leaders of the Catholic Church in 1962-65.
Son Jesus referred to himself as 'The Son of Man'.

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