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Study the word list: GCSE Geography: Key Words 11

Key words for GCSE Geography.

Word list: GCSE Geography: Key Words 11

strato A strato volcano is a conical-shaped volcano.
structure Population structure refers to the balance of peoples ages and genders in a given population.
subaeriel Subaeriel processes are land based processes that impact the shape of a coastline.
subduction A subduction zone is the collision point of two tectonic plates where one plate descends beneath the other.
subsidies Subsidies are grants of money that the government can give to a company.
subsistence Subsistence farming is farming only for the benefit of the farmer and their family.
surface Surface runoff is the water flowing on the Earth's surface.
surplus Trade surplus is where the profit made from exports is greater than the cost of imports.
sustainable Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to met theirs.
swash Swash is the water that travels up a beach after a wave has broken.
tariff Tariffs are taxes that are put on goods that are moved between countries.
tectonic A tectonic plate is a rigid section of the earth's crust which floats on the heavier semi-molten rock below.
thermal Thermal expansion is the expansion of water molecules near the sea's surface as temperature rises.
total The Optimum Population Total (OPT) is the ideal number of people in an area to ensure a sustainable standard of living.
trade Trade deficit is where the cost of imports is larger than the profit from exports.
transpiration Transpiration is when plants give off water vapour and lose moisture.
throughflow Throughflow refers to the movement of water through soil.
tsunami A tsunami is a tidal wave caused by an earthquake under the sea.
typhoon A typhoon is a tropical cyclone with winds faster than 74 miles per hour.
upgrading Uprgrading means making conditions better.

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