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Study the word list: GCSE Geography: Key Words 10

Key words for GCSE Geography.

reclaimed Reclaimed land is land that has been drained of water so that it can be developed on.
refugees Refugees are people who have fled their homeland to seek safety elsewhere.
region Wine is grown in this region of France.
reindustrialisation Reindustrialisation is the stimulation of economic growth through the establishment of new industries.
renewable Renewable energy sources are sustainable energy sources that are never exhausted e.g. wind and solar energy.
replacement The replacement rate is the number of children that need to be born in order to replace the current population of an area.
residential Residential areas have many houses.
retirement A retirement village is a collection of houses or flats for elderly people to live in.
reurbanisation Reurbanisation is the movement of people back to lesser used areas that had previously declined.
salt A salt marsh is a coastal wetland that is periodically flooded.
seasonal Seasonal employment refers to jobs that only exist for part of the year.
seismic Seismic waves are vibrations in the earth that result from an earthquake.
shanty Shanty towns are areas of housing that people have built themselves, usually on land that they don't own.
shield A shield volcano is a gently sloping volcano that covers a large area.
shopping A shopping mall is a large collection of commercial shops under one roof.
silt Silt is a very fine sediment carried by running water.
sink A sink estate is a housing estate with poor living conditions and high levels of social and economic deprivation.
slums Slums are densely packed urban settlements with very poor or dangerous living conditions.
squatter A squatter settlement is an area where the people have no rights to the land and are living there illegally.
storm A storm surge is when extreme weather conditions lead to a rise in sea level.

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