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Study the word list: GCSE Geography: Key Words 09

Key words for GCSE Geography.

Word list: GCSE Geography: Key Words 09

outsourcing Outsourcing is when a company contracts some work to be completed by another company.
overpopulated Overpopulated means that there are too many people in an area for the resources to be sustainable.
package A package holiday is when travel and accommodation is sold together.
pandemic A pandemic is when a disease spreads over a large area, often over continents.
periphery Periphery refers to the areas outside of a countries core economic region.
permeable A permeable surface is one that allows water to pass through it.
photosynthesis Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants absorb energy from the sun as well as CO2 and water in order to grow.
plain Flood plains are the flat areas of land either side of a river channel.
planning Planning permission is needed in order to change the use of an area of land.
population A population pyramid is a graph that demonstrates a country's population structure.
precipitation Precipitation is any kind of moisture falling from the atmosphere.
prevailing Prevailing wind is the most frequent direction of wind that a given location experiences.
product A product chain is the sequence of events needed to get from raw materials to a finished product.
public A public enquiry is a major debate to reach decisions about planning proposals.
purchasing Purchasing Power Parity is the GDP of a country converted into USD.
pyramid Population structure is normally represented using a population pyramid.
pyroclastic Pyroclastic flows are mixtures of hot ash, steam, dust and rubble flowing from a volcano.
quality Quality of life is a term to measure the health and leisure of a population.
rain Acid rain is caused by pollutants from the manufacturing industries and vehicle emissions.
rapid Rapid transit systems are high capacity, high-frequency public transport services.

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