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Study the word list: GCSE Geography: Key Words 01

Key words for GCSE Geography.

Word list: GCSE Geography: Key Words 01

Acid rain contains sulphuric acid, nitric acid and compounds of ammonia.
Aftershocks are small earthquakes that occur in the days to years after a larger earthquake.
Amenity value refers to the value of recreational and leisure activities.
Appropriate technology is technology designed to meet the needs, knowledge and means of local people.
Asylum is claiming refuge and safety in another country.
Back offices are the offices of a company that deal with administration and support they are usually based in low cost areas.
Backwash is the water that flows back towards the sea.
The balance of trade is the difference in value between a countries exports and imports in a given period.
Beach replenishment or beach nourishment is the artificial addition of large quantities of sand and sediment to a beach.
The larger particles moved along by a river are referred to as bedload.
Fuels made from renewable, biological resources such as plants or animal waste are called biofuels.
The biological material used to create biofuels is called biomass.
Birth rate is the number of live births per 1000 of the population.
A blind fault is a fault line that doesn't reach the surface.
Brownfield land refers to old industrial or inner city land that has been abandoned and awaits new use.
Canalisation is the introduction of weirs, locks and other canal features to a natural river.
Carbon footprint is the measurement of all of the greenhouse gases we individually produce.
A carnivore or predator is an animal that eats other animals.
A catchment area is the area from which people are attracted to visit a city, service or institution.
Cumulative causation is the process by which one area becomes the centre of economic activity.

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