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Study the word list: GCSE Geography: River Landscapes in the UK 1

Key words for GCSE Geography.

Word list: GCSE Geography: River Landscapes in the UK 1

abrasion Abrasion is when rocks carried by the river break down the river banks and bed.
attrition Attrition is when rocks carried by the river crash together and break down into smaller pieces.
dam A dam is a barrier constructed to hold back water and form a reservoir.
discharge The discharge of a river is the total volume of water flowing through a river channel at a given point.
embankments Embankments are raised banks constructed along a river allowing it to hold more water.
engineering Hard engineering is the building of artificial structures to reduce the impact of river processes.
estuary An estuary is the point where a river meets the sea.
flood Floods occur when river discharge exceeds the channels volume.
fluvial Fluvial processes are processes that relate to erosion, transport and deposition by a river.
gorge A gorge is a steep sided, narrow valley.
hydraulic Hydraulic action is the wearing away of riverbanks due to the build up of air pressure in cracks and crevices.
hydrograph An hydrograph shows the discharge of a river over a period of time.
interlocking Interlocking spurs are the hills that a river winds around.
lateral Lateral erosion is the sideways erosion of the channel by a river.
levees Levees are the natural or man made embankments of sediment on the bank of a river.
meander A meander is a bend in the river.
oxbow An oxbow lake is a U shaped lake formed when a wide meander is cut off from the river.
plain Flood plains are the flat areas of land either side of a river channel.
precipitation Precipitation is any kind of moisture falling from the atmosphere.
processes Fluvial processes are the interactions between the flowing water and the natural channels of a river.

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