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Study the word list: GCSE Geography: Coastal Landscapes 1

Key words for GCSE Geography.

Word list: GCSE Geography: Coastal Landscapes 1

abrasion Coastal abrasion is when cliffs are worn away by sand, pebbles and boulders flung by the waves.
arch An arch is a passage eroded into the headland by the waves.
armour British English spelling Rock armour refers to large boulders placed on the beach as coastal defenses.
attrition Attrition is the type of erosion when boulders and rocks carried by the waves bump into each other and break down.
bar A bar is a land form that occurs when a spit grows across a bay to create a lagoon.
bay Bays are curved gaps in the headland that have been eroded due to softer rock.
beach A beach is a zone made up of eroded material from elsewhere deposited by the sea.
cave A cave is a large hole eroded into a cliff by the waves, caves can eventually become arches.
chemical Chemical weathering is the decomposition of rock caused by chemical change.
cliff A cliff is the sheer rock face formed by erosion and weathering of the coastline.
corrasion Another word for abrasion; corrasion is when cliffs are worn away by sediment carried by the waves.
deposition Deposition is when the sea loses energy and the materials it is carrying are dropped.
dune A dune is a large mound of sand formed by the wind.
engineering Hard engineering refers to the use of concrete and artificial structures in coastal defenses.
erosion Erosion refers to the wearing away and breaking down of material by a moving force.
gabion Gabions are steel wire cages filled with boulders and are used in coastal defences.
groyne British English spelling A groyne is a wooden barrier placed in the sea to protect against erosion by allowing the beach to grow.
headlands Headlands are formed when the softer rock is eroded inland and the harder rock sticks out towards the sea.
hydraulic Hydraulic power or action is when breaking waves compress air into cracks in a cliff causing the rock to break apart.
longshore Longshore drift is the movement of sediment along a beach caused by the zigzag movement of the waves.

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