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Study the word list: Persuasive vocabulary (copy)

Challenging words for persuasive writing

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It is tantamount to cheating to have the dictionary out while doing the spelling test. *
Agriculture is vital in providing food for the world.
The consequences of this action is not only detrimental to health and also may be detrimental to family relationships. *
The object of covering a gift in paper is to obscure it from the receiver´s view. *
I abhor violence - I am a very peaceful person. *
Relentless means steady and persistent. *
Beguiling means to deceive or delude (using guile) to charm, delight or captivate. *
He is undoubtedly the best player in the team. *
Unquestionably means without question and beyond doubt. *
Pertinent means important with regard to a particular subject or matter. *
The view was indescribable. *
I was fortunate to win the prize.
Untrustworthy means not deserving of trust; unreliable. *
Unreliable means unable to count on someone to do as they promised. *
Sometimes he was a wretched pest! *
The day at the beach was delightful. *

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