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Study the word list: Y4 suffix ous

words ending in ous

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Chlorine gas is very dangerous.
The new building was to be designed by a famous architect.
Be very cautious when driving at night.
His comments were outrageous. *
The table was full of delicious food.
I was furious with him after what he did. *
Have a fabulous time at the party.
There was an obvious attraction between the couple.
The sunset was glorious. *
The victorious team celebrated in style.
There was a suspicious bulge in the thief's pocket.
Tonight she looked gorgeous. *
marvellous British English spelling
We had a marvellous time on holiday.
The dog was vicious. *
Some superstitious people will not walk under ladders and worry about bad luck if they break a mirror. *
If someone is edgy, they are nervous.
A thriller is an exciting or mysterious story, often about crime or spying. *
In some societies the wearing of revealing clothing is viewed as downright scandalous. *
The business deal was very prosperous because it made them a lot of money. *
The football match may be cancelled because there is an ominous black cloud on the horizon. *

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