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Study the word list: Key Stage 3: Science: haz - ves

Word list: Key Stage 3: Science: haz - ves

hazard That chemical is a hazard.
insect A tick is a small biting insect.
laboratory Platinum is chemically inert and so is useful in laboratory apparatus.
liquid We're studying the differences between solids, liquids, and gases.
mammal Platypuses are among the few egg-laying mammals.
method When conducting an experiment, make sure you follow the method carefully.
nutrient The tree needs nutrients from the soil to survive.
organism Bacteria is a single celled organism.
oxygen The earth's atmosphere is one-fifth oxygen.
particles Subatomic particles are even smaller than atoms.
predator Wasps are important predators.
pressure The deeper you swim, the greater the water pressure.
reproduce The human body is warm and moist, providing an ideal environment for bacteria to reproduce.
respire All living things respire.
respiration We are studying the differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.
solution We made a simple solution of sugar and water.
temperature The temperature in the desert was over 40 degrees.
thermometer The thermometer gave an accurate measure of the temperature of the room.
vertebrate About 4% of animal species are vertebrates.
vessel Blood vessels are part of the circulatory system.

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