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Study the word list: 9th grade words: s - part 1

Spelling list for 9th graders. Words starting with s.

Word list: 9th grade words: s - part 1

sabotage They hatched a plan of sabotage.
salient The presentation outlined the salient features of the project.
satisfactorily The job was completed satisfactorily and the workers were paid.
saunter It was more of a saunter than a walk.
scavenger We organised a scavenger hunt for the children.
scourge He'd suffered the scourge of asthma his whole life.
scuttle They watched the lizard scuttle across the tiles.
seethe On some days, the ocean would froth and seethe.
significance We went to look at several places of historic significance.
soliloquy A soliloquy allows us into the mind of the character.
spasmodic There was spasmodic applause from the audience.
squalid The conditions in the zoo were dirty and squalid.

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