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Study the word list: 9th grade words: p

Spelling list for 9th graders. Words starting with p.

Word list: 9th grade words: p

palatable The food was very palatable.
pandemonium There was complete pandemonium.
panorama The top window offered a panorama of the whole city.
partiality The judges were accused of bias and partiality.
pastime Painting is a relaxing pastime.
patriarch As the patriarch of the family, my grandfather looked out for us.
pediatrician American English spelling She hoped to become a pediatrician.
peril His actions put them both in peril.
perjury The witness was accused of committing perjury.
philanthropist They received a large donation from an anonymous philanthropist.
picturesque The view from the top of the hill was very picturesque.
pittance Though he loved his job, he earned a pittance.
playwright Shakespeare was a famous playwright and poet.
poignancy She delivered her speech with such grace and poignancy.
poignant The last scene in the film was very poignant.
potpourri The house was decorated with bowls of potpourri.
prejudice The article exposes the company's deep-rooted prejudice against women.
premonition She had a premonition of imminent doom.
primitive The company still relies on primitive technologies.
proximity The students live in close proximity to the university.

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