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Study the word list: 9th grade words: i and j

Spelling list for 9th graders. Words starting with i and j.

Word list: 9th grade words: i and j

idiosyncrasy It was an idiosyncrasy of the system.
impasse There was a period of political impasse.
impropriety He was dismissed for impropriety in the workplace.
incandescent The incandescent liquid gleamed.
incessant She was growing tired of their incessant arguing.
inconsolable He was inconsolable after the fight.
indelible The teacher was furious when the children drew on the walls with indelible ink.
indispensable Her cell phone was indispensable.
indisputable Climate change is indisputable and must be taken seriously.
insufficient The man had insufficient funds to pay off his debt.
interrogative His manner was interrogative.
irreconcilable Their views were irreconcilable.
irrelevant The theory was deemed irrelevant to the project.
irrevocable The change would be irrevocable.
judicious The party would require judicious thought and careful planning.

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