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Study the word list: Key Stage 3: History: cur - par

Word list: Key Stage 3: History: cur - par

current She read the newspaper every day in order to keep on top of current events.
defence British English spelling The weakness in defence allowed the other teams to score goals.
disease Cholera is a terrible disease.
document The document is not valid without a signature.
dynasty A dynasty is a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family. The first dynasty to be established in China was the Han dynasty.
economy Debt can cripple a country's economy.
economic Economic history is about how groups of people have made and shared goods, services and wealth in the past.
economical Sticking to a budget is more economical in the long term.
emigration During the Irish Famine there was mass emigration to America.
government The government cuts will affect everyone.
immigrant An immigrant is a person who moves permanently to another country.
imperial Britain has a long imperial past.
imperialism The people struggled against imperialism.
independence American Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th.
invasion The invasion of Poland led to the end of Britain's policy of appeasement towards the Nazis and war was declared.
motive The detectives were trying to understand the motive for the murder.
parliament Parliament meets in the Palace of Westminster.

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