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Study the word list: 8th grade words: s

Spelling list for 8th graders. Words starting with s.

Word list: 8th grade words: s

sacrifice Although he had to sacrifice some of his independence, he enjoyed being part of the team.
sacrificial Sacrificial offerings were placed on the alter.
sanctuary They adopted a puppy from the sanctuary.
scandalized American English spelling The public were scandalized by his behaviour.
schedule My mom has a busy work schedule.
scheme They were part of a car pooling scheme.
schism A schism was beginning to form between the two groups.
scholar She was a scholar at Oxford.
semester The next semester will begin in January.
serviceable His shoes were serviceable if not fashionable.
shrine We left offerings at the shrine.
shuddering He was shuddering at the thought of having to wake up early.
sieve We need a sieve to strain the soup.
snobbery The film critic was famous for his snobbery.
solitary He was a solitary person and liked to be on his own.
sophomore She'll be entering her sophomore year.
studious He was a quiet and studious person.
subtlety The critic said the film lacked subtlety.
suburban They were considering moving to a suburban area.
surmise She thought she could surmise her friend's reaction from the look on her face.

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