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Study the word list: 8th grade words: p and q - part 1

Spelling list for 8th graders. Words starting with p and q.

Word list: 8th grade words: p and q - part 1

pageant The week of celebrations ended with a pageant of music and dancing.
parachute The skydiver released her parachute.
paralysis My older brother suffers from sleep paralysis.
parliament The members of parliament met in secret.
penitentiary The penitentiary was under scrutiny for cruelty to prisoners.
perceived He gasped as he perceived the truth.
permeate A horrible stench began to permeate through the rooms.
perseverance Anything is possible with hard work and perseverance.
personality Beth has a very dynamic personality.
personification She wrote an essay on the author's use of personification in the novel.
persuade Can I persuade you to have another slice of this cake?
phenomenon It was a strange phenomenon.
plaintiff The plaintiff sued the defendant.
pneumonia He was worried his chest infection would develop into severe pneumonia.
politician The politician was corrupt.
potential Daily spelling practice will help you achieve your potential.
precipice They were warned to stay away from the precipice.
precocious She was a precocious child who spoke three different languages.
predecessor He was concerned that he would be overshadowed by his predecessor.
preferably She was looking for somewhere to stay, preferably somewhere close to the station.

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