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prefix anti

The prefix anti- means against and modifies the defintion of a word. For example anti- + clockwise = anticlockwise (or against clockwise).

How many of these anti- words can you spell?

Mum put some antiseptic on his cut knee.
Run around the track in an anticlockwise direction.
I thought the end of the film was an anticlimax.
Behaving rudely in public is antisocial.
Use antifreeze to protect the car's engine.
The doctor gave me an antibiotic to fight my cold.
You need to wash your hands with antibacterial soap to keep them clean and germ free!
An antiviral drug is used to treat diseases caused by viruses,.
On the jungle trek they took an antidote to snake bites.
When I was stung by a wasp, my mum put some antihistamine cream on to stop it itching.
An antibody is a substance which is produced in blood in order to destroy diseases and infections.

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