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Study the word list: 7th grade words: s

Graded spelling list for 7th Grade students. Words starting with s.

Word list: 7th grade words: s

scenery The Rocky Mountains have some fantastic scenery.
secretary The secretary made a note about the meeting for her boss.
securing The principal worked hard on securing a DJ for homecoming.
significance We went to look at several places of historic significance.
simile A parallel example used to illustrate a point; operates rather like an extended simile.
sincerely She apologised very sincerely.
sincerity She said she loved him with such sincerity.
situation I could see his frustration with the situation.
skeptical American English spelling I was skeptical as to whether or not the plan would work.
solemn After the bad news solemn music was played.
souvenir Bring me a souvenir back from your holiday.
spacious Our classroom is quite small. It is not very spacious.
specific Our care home looks after each resident's specific needs.
stationary Our train was stationary for over an hour.
stationery I buy all the stationery for our office.
statistics The most recent statistics show the disease to be diminishing.
subscription My magazine subscription was biannual.
substitute The soccer player was injured and required a substitute to take his place on the field.
superintendent The superintendent was confident she was going to solve the case.
supervisor I will have to ask a supervisor if we stock that item.

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