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Study the word list: 7th grade words: p

Graded spelling list for 7th Grade students. Words starting with p.

Word list: 7th grade words: p

pamphlet The shop gave out a small pamphlet about its price cuts.
panic There was panic when the ship started to sink.
panicked I panicked because I had left my homework on the bus.
parallel The two roads were parallel to one another.
paralysis My older brother suffers from sleep paralysis.
paralyze American English spelling The thought of a monster in her closet never failed to paralyze the girl.
penicillin Discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, penicillin is an antibiotic that kills some kinds of bacteria.
pedestrian The cyclist didn't see the pedestrian only sign and almost caused an accident.
phantom The phantom of the opera is here!
pheasant A pheasant is a large colourful bird.
phrase A phrase is a small group of words.
politely The adverb from the adjective 'polite' is politely.
popular A popular type of nut is the cashew nut.
precipitation The weather station spoke of precipitation.
principle It is my principle to behave honestly.
privilege It is a privilege to meet you.
procedure The surgeon was carrying out a very dangerous procedure on the patient.
pronunciation A hyphen can help with the pronunciation of words.
psychology Psychology is the study of the human mind.

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