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Study the word list: 7th grade words: c

Graded spelling list for 7th Grade students. Words starting with c.

Word list: 7th grade words: c

campaign Will you support my campaign for better food?
capital Paris is the capital city of France.
capitol The capitol is a building in Washington in which the US congress meets.
cemetery A catacomb is an underground cemetery.
changeable The weather will be changeable.
character I like a person with a friendly character.
civilize American English spelling We need to civilize these children.
commercial Christmas has become a commercial holiday.
committed The detective must prove who committed the crime.
commotion There was a commotion among the sheep when the dog broke loose from its leash.
companion My pet dog, Alfie, makes the best companion.
competition Emily was the first entrant in the competition.
complement Ketchup is a must-have complement for French fries.
concentrate It was hard to concentrate with the music playing in the room.
concentration Jewish people were sent to die in concentration camps.
conductor The orchestra watched the conductor carefully.
confetti We all threw confetti at Daniel and Gina's wedding.
congratulations Congratulations for learning to spell!
consequently The girl did not do her homework on time, consequently she was given a detention.
cringe He thought he would cringe with embarrassment.

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