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List 22 -able and -ably

Objective: I can recognise common words that contain the letter string able and ably.

The weather will be changeable.
I saw a noticeable improvement in the Year 6 spelling scores. *
That was an understandable mistake. *
She's my most reliable worker.
I can rely on you, you are dependable. *
likeable British English spelling
She is a very likeable young woman. *
Are you capable of cooking such a large meal?
The weather is tolerable today. *


Jack completed the task reasonably well. *
When they had come to the edge of the forest it was noticeably growing light over the field. Read more at *
We could all fit into the holiday cottage comfortably. *
Jenny was understandably upset when she heard that England were out of the Cup Final. *
Make sure you are suitably dressed for the weather. *
She is behaving tolerably well. *

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