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Study the word list: Spelling Bee Grades 2 & 3 (21 - 40)

Grades 2 & 3

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My young cousin is coming to stay.
It would be better to ask the decorator to do the wallpaper.
Linda screamed with delight when she opened the present.
Eating large amounts of sweets is detrimental to their health. *
Head in a northerly direction.
Click the box again and it will disappear.
I would like to discover details about my ancestors.
Stealing from a shop is dishonest.
You need to encourage people to work to their best. *
A dozen eggs will be enough.
They hired a clown to entertain at the birthday party.
Make sure you get an equal share.
The evening sun cast a long shadow.
What is your excuse for being late?
Two lawsuits filed by former workers at the facility allege that the Air Force used the veil of secrecy to cover up environmental crimes. *
The new building was to be designed by a famous architect.
My mom hired a plumber to fix the faucet that was leaking. *
As light as a feather.
Persistent precipitation is an unfortunate feature of British weather. *
Fiction is writing that is imagined or made up. *

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