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Study the word list: Animal Rights

Animal Rights- Word List 1 MYP English Language B

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A breed is a type of animal. *
Activism is an activity that brings about social change. *
Threat is something that is a source of danger. *
An idea or explanation that you then test through study and experimentation. *
You are misinformed if you are given false or inaccurate information. *
Justifiable means reasonable or proper according to accepted standards. *
Sympathy is an expression of pity for another. *
Ethical is conforming to certain rules or standards. *
A campaign is a series of actions intended to accomplish a goal. *
Controversy is a disagreement among many people. *
To be vigilant you must be on alert or watchful. *
Empathy is the understanding of another´s situation, feelings and motives. *
Extinction describes a species that no longer has any known living individuals. *
In a safari park, animals are able to move around freely and are watched by visitors from their cars. *
Within a Zoo, animals are usually caged and locked in enclosures. *
Pet rabbits live in cages, but the natural habitat of a wild rabbit is fields and woods. *
Exotic animals are animals that are not native to where they live. *
Endangered species are species whose numbers are so small that it is at risk of extinction. *
Breeding is the mating and production of offspring by animals. *
A veterinarian is an animal doctor. *
A game reserve is an area set aside by the government where animals are protected from hunters. *

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