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Study the word list: 5th grade words: s

Graded spelling list for 5th Grade students. Words starting with s.

Word list: 5th grade words: s

salad He had a plate of salad for dinner.
scale I drew the map to scale.
scent Her perfume had a beautiful scent.
schedule My mom has a busy work schedule.
science Astronomy is the science of the stars.
section Have you read each section of the test carefully?
separate Tom and Mary lived in separate states before moving to New York together.
service Call room service to order breakfast.
shadow The evening sun cast a long shadow.
shelter Fishing boats shelter in the harbor.
shoulder I injured my shoulder when I fell off my bike.
signal The ship sent out a distress signal.
similar Our house is a similar design to yours.
sincerely She apologised very sincerely.
single I don't believe a single word you said.
slippery When it is icy, the path is slippery.
solution The solution to boredom is to play a game.
solve The detective was able to solve the case.
southern I've always wanted to visit southern California.
syrup I always have syrup on my pancakes.

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