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Study the word list: o words

The short vowel sound spelled using o

Word list: o words

of The height of the Eiffel Tower is 300m.
off We set off from Florida for a week's cruise.
odd That horse has a very odd gait.
october Halloween is the end of October.
object A tube shaped object is a cylinder.
observe As a sign of respect, we will observe a minute's silence at 11.00 am.
offer Tom was selfish not to offer me a lift.
office I'll call your office to say you are sick.
often Stray cats are often very thin.
opera You can go to the opera at the Sydney Opera House.
operate Dr Brown had no alternative but to operate on the patient.
orange James would like an orange juice.
oscar 'The very essence of romance is uncertainty' - Oscar Wilde.
bottom Dredge the mud form the bottom of the river.
cotton Thread can be made of cotton or nylon.
dollar Can you change a $50 dollar bill?
golf He won the golf match by one stroke.
hospital He went to hospital so they could mend his wound.
modern Modern warfare uses computers.

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Learn about these words in Unit 6. Short vowels e.g. e or ea? o or u?

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