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Study the word list: Commonly misspelled words 2

High school students who are below average at spelling.

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Can you separate those fighting dogs?
I can't believe she has married him.
My hair is beginning to go grey.
I like a person with a friendly character.
Development of new business is vital to an economy.
Is it necessary to learn to spell properly?
The cooks traveled the world to experience authentic native cuisines.
The government cuts will affect everyone.
The joke wasn't funny because it was crude.
The principal called a staff meeting.
She was a great success as a rock singer.
Some bugs are too minute to spot with the naked eye.
This room needs a thorough clean.
neighbour British English spelling
Their new neighbour was very kind.
The soldier fired a bullet.
He was the aggressor in the argument.
I am sorry I can't accommodate you in my hotel. *
The decision to stay at home was absolute.
The committee meet today.
The girls went to see their favourite pop group.

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