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Study the word list: Geography Keywords List 2.

All students studying geography.

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A desert is a landscape form or region that receives very little precipitation. *
He has had numerous offers of employment.
Erosion cause when rocks and boulders transported by waves bump tino each other and break up into smaller pieces. *
The area where a river meets the sea is called an estuary. *
The camera had an autofocus function. *
Pet rabbits live in cages, but the natural habitat of a wild rabbit is fields and woods. *
China is building a new infrastructure with roads and railways. *
Tourism brought the country a lot of money. *
This driving school is accredited by the Ministry of Transportation. *
Urban areas tend to have more crime.
The SI unit is the international standard unit of measure for a force. *
A landscape picture is wider than it is tall.
Latitude is measured in degrees from north or south of the equator. *
What is the location of the nearest bus stop? *
Longitude is the angular distance of a place east or west of the Greenwich meridian. *
He was selected to play for the national team of Great Britain. *
Physical exercise is good for your health.
Air pollution is bad in many cities.
Is a political term for people who tend to want to change established traditions and cultural patterns in order to create a different, more 'fair' distribution of wealth and privilege; t. *
The old globe show a map of the world 200 years ago.

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