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Study the word list: shr str spr words

For those students who need further consolidation on r blend sounds

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Scratch the card to reveal the numbers.
He broke a string in his racket.
It was a spring morning and the air was cool.
Mr Crawford had to shred the paper in his office. *
A bimetallic strip is made of two different types of metal. *
A rein is a strap used to lead a horse. *

The teacher was strict. *
Running in a sprint is vigorous exercise. *
The head teacher conferred with parents before deciding whether to scrap school uniform. *
Words in a dramatic script that define an actor’s actions, movements, attitudes and so forth throughout the play. *
Callum gave a shrug because he didn't know the answer. *
It was difficult to walk in a straight line. *
She spread a lot of butter on her bread.
He won the golf match by one stroke.
Oxymoron is a seeming contradiction in two words put together e.g. jumbo shrimp. *
He laughs in a very strange way.
The river had a strong current.

The class will struggle to understand this poem.

This public word list was created by a Spellzone user: Honley High School.

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