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The suffix -ous

At the end of an adjective, the /us/ sound is spelt with the letters ous.

An adjective is a word that is used to describe someone or something.

Can you work out who or what is being described in each of the example sentences?

Not all snake bites are poisonous.
A crocodile is a very dangerous creature.
A famous person is someone well-known to many people.
There were various bones at the museum.
The thunder made a tremendous noise.
The enormous crocodile was waiting by the riverbank.
He was jealous of his brother's new bike.
She always dressed up and looked glamorous.
The soldiers were courageous in battle.
The judge said it was a very serious crime.
It was obvious that the boy needed some help.
I was curious to see how many people turned up.
The weather was hideous during the storm.
There was spontaneous applause when he spoke.

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