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Study the word list: -es plurals

When a word ends in ch, s, sh, x, or z, you can turn it into a plural by adding the letters -es. For example, arch becomes arches and brush becomes brushes

How many of these plurals can you spell?

Word list: -es plurals

arches The church had beautiful arches.
churches Some churches use incense in their rites.
latches Since the break in, we have added two more latches to our door.
stitches Mark needed seven stitches in his arm.
biases The case was infamous for the biases of several members of the jury.
dresses Spotted dresses look fabulous in the summer.
grasses We have several different grasses growing in the garden.
trespasses The farmer reported three trespasses in one week.
brushes The stable girl used three different brushes to groom her horse.
clashes We heard three cymbal clashes.
crashes There were three crashes this morning because of the ice.
washes We put on several washes to get through the laundry pile.
boxes I have lots of empty boxes.
foxes There are many foxes in my garden.
influxes Various cities have reported large influxes of tourists.
taxes The Romans made everyone pay their taxes.
waltzes Cinderella and the Prince danced eight waltzes at the ball.

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