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Study the word list: -ies plurals

If a noun ends in a consonant plus y, form the plural by swapping the y for ies.

Word list: -ies plurals

abilities The course is suitable for pupils of all abilities.
berries We picked berries off the bush in autumn.
briberies The guard was infamous for taking briberies.
calories Skimmed milk has less calories than semi-skimmed milk.
cavities The dentist filled my cavities.
discoveries The inventor was known for her many discoveries.
faculties The student's critical faculties were sharp.
galaxies Do you know how many galaxies there are in the universe?
hierarchies I was surprised to discover hierarchies and snobberies were still so widespread.
ladies Many prominent ladies and gentlemen were present at the event.
lorries There were many lorries on the road.
matrimonies Some matrimonies are successful, other less so.
nannies Our child had several nannies when growing up.
obscurities I searched the text for obscurities.
parties I have been invited to two parties this weekend.
possibilities I considered both possibilities.
quarries They are mining in the quarries.
realities He needs to face the realities of adulthood.
rosaries My mother has two rosaries.
sanctities The sites are sanctities and must be respected.

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