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Study the word list: Long /oo/ spelled oo

The most common way of spelling the long /oo/ sound is to use the letters oo. This list has some more examples.

loose The wire on the plug is loose.
moose A moose is a large brown deer.
noose The noose tightened.
goose The magic goose laid golden eggs.
doodle The artist was bored so she drew a quick doodle.
poodle Her first dog was a poodle.
baboon In the zoo, they went to see the baboon first.
racoon The camp was ambushed by a wild racoon.
balloon The family took a ride in a hot-air balloon.
cartoon When they got home from school the kids watched a cartoon.
lagoon We swam in the warm water of the lagoon.
monsoon There may be floods in the monsoon season.
bamboo The panda loves to eat bamboo.
kangaroo Did you see a kangaroo during your visit to Australia?
shampoo What shampoo do you use?
tattoo He disliked his new tattoo.

Learn more about these words in Unit 13. Spelling choices for /oo/ sound: oo, ou

Use the list: Long /oo/ spelled oo

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