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Study the word list: Words ending in il

Some words use il to spell the unstressed final syllable.

anvil The blacksmith worked at the anvil all day.
basil She picked some basil from the garden.
civil She worked in the civil service.
devil The devil is feared by many people.
evil In the fairy story good overcame evil.
fossil Solar power is an alternative for fossil fuel.
gerbil He had a pet gerbil.
lentil Lentil curry is my favourite vegan dish.
nostril Blood trickled from his nostril.
pencil Ben chewed the end of his pencil.
peril The plan would put them both in peril.
pupil The pupil was praised for his academic excellence.
stencil Using a stencil allows a painter to repeat a pattern.
tranquil The beach was tranquil.
utensil You will find the bread knife in the utensil drawer.
vigil The patient's family kept vigil.
April It has been very cold this April.

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