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Study the word list: Rulebreakers - the el ending

These words end in el instead of the more common spelling le.

Word list: Rulebreakers - the el ending

label The school asked parents and guardians to label all school uniform.
libel The lawyer distinguished between libel and slander.
nickel Nickel occurs naturally in various minerals.
snorkel He swam with his mask and snorkel.
yokel He was fed up of being dismissed as a country yokel.
cancel I'd like to cancel my appointment.
parcel The postman brought the parcel to the house.
model I'll use this glue to fix my model.
bagel I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee.
angel She drew an angel on her Christmas card.
chapel The church school had its own chapel.
gospel Our church has a gospel choir.
scalpel She passed the surgeon a scalpel.
hostel We will be staying in a hostel.
pastel The cake was decorated in pastel colours.
morsel We finished every last morsel of food.
vessel We saw a large vessel on the horizon.
chisel The sculptor worked with a hammer and a chisel.
diesel This truck's engine runs on diesel fuel.
pretzel I bought a pretzel from the bakery.

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