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Study the word list: Poetry terms

Word list to support Year 8 Poetry unit

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I tried to learn the poem off by heart. *
A poem has a minimum of one stanza. *
The first and last word in a line of poetry is especially important. *
Time, crime and chime all rhyme.
Rhythm describes the regular beat in a poem when read aloud. *
Tone is the feel of the text, indicated by choice of words, rhythm of sentence and such like. *
The poet's phrase creates a powerful image in my mind. *
Simile involves describing something by comparing it with something else. *
'The sea is a hungry dog' is an interesting metaphor. *
Personification describes something non-human as if it is human. *
Alliteration involves words that begin with the same sound. *
Onomatopoeia is when the sound of a word is the same as its meaning. *
Caesura is using a full stop in the middle of a line of poetry. *
Enjambment means to continue on a sentence on across two or more lines of poetry. *
A syllable is a single sound in a word. *

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