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ei saying /ay/

These ei words do not follow the rule i before e except after c. This is because they have the long /a/ sound.

The vein was visible on his forehead.
Keep a tight rein on your spending.
The country prospered under the King's reign.
Will the boss deign to attend our party?
In soccer today, the defender fell for the attacker's feign.
I heard the horse neigh from the stable.
I get to work at eight o'clock.
Mother weighed out a kilo of flour.
To win the cake you must guess its weight.
The freight was loaded onto the ship.
neighbor American English spelling
Their new neighbor was very kind.
The sheik wore traditional dress.
The bride wore a long white veil.
The golfer wore beige slacks.
The kids enjoyed the sleigh ride.

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Learn about these words in Unit 21. The 'I' before 'e' rule – does it work?

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