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au - longer words

These words use the letters au to spell the sound /or/.

The leaves turn to gold in autumn.
Her auburn hair shone in the sun.
He sold his house at auction.
I needed to augment my income with a part time job.
They approached the dog with caution.
I'm exhausted after that long run.
I'll sort the laundry into piles.
The author came to a book signing at our local library.
I don't have the authority to answer your question.
authorise British English spelling
Please will you sign my form to authorise my trip?
This curry is made in an authentic Indian method.
She got the film star's autograph.
This email has been sent by our automatic system.
John took his automobile to the garage.
The captain set the aircraft to autopilot.
The audio speaker was turned up too loud.
She spoke so softly that she was barely audible.
The audience ignored the speaker.
The drummer had to audition to join the band.
It was especially hot this August.

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