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Study the word list: are words

In short words the most common way of spelling the sound /air/ is with the letters are.

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The room was bare of all furniture.
How dare you accuse me of that?
The hare raced across the field to escape the fox.
Pare the apple and cut out the core.
Ben likes his steak cooked rare.
We saw the fire flare up.
That ride wouldn't scare me.
The rabbit was trapped in a snare.
Is it rude to stare?
Take care not to skid on the ice.
He lost his bus fare and had to walk all the way home.
The mare took care of her new foal.
She had a beautiful collection of crystal ware.
I heard the blare of a siren whizzing past.
The witch gave the little boy an evil glare.
I will share my dessert with him.
Can you spare any cash? .

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Learn about these words in Unit 12. Spelling choices for /air/ sound: air, are, ear

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