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Study the word list: Measurement

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These are common features of a rural area. *
Volume is usually measured in cubic centimeters.
The metric system of measurement has overtaken the imperial system.
centimeter American English spelling
The measurement was one centimeter out.
The football player kicked with his right foot.
My computer display measures 19 inches.
kilometer American English spelling
The shop was about a kilometer down the road.
meter American English spelling
The man came to read the gas meter.
The sun is 93 million miles away.
millimeter American English spelling
There are ten millimeters in a centimeter.
Degree is the unit used to measure angle. *
Leave your bike in the yard.
A gallon is an imperial measure of volume.
liter American English spelling
This flask holds one liter of juice.
A large quantity of fruit was found in the truck.
gram American English spelling
A gram is a metric unit of mass.

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