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Study the word list: ir words

These examples spell the /er/ sound with the letters ir. The three other ways to spell this sound are: ur, ear, and er.

Can you think of any other words that spell the /er/ sound with the letters ir?

Word list: ir words

fir A fir tree is evergreen.
sir He wasn't sure whether or not to call his teacher sir or master.
stir We need to stir the soup.
bird The bird sat in a tree.
third My brother is in third grade.
girl The girl came home on the train.
swirl As the tide came in, she felt the water swirl around her legs.
dirt Mary got some dirt on her new dress.
shirt I need to sew a button on my shirt.
thirst Water is best for quenching your thirst.
first I was gripped by the very first sentence of this book.
skirt I tore my skirt on a nail.
squirt Add a small squirt of lemon juice to the dish.
squirm The horror film made me squirm.
birthday What are you doing for your birthday?
circle The children sat in a circle.
circus I object to animals performing in a circus.
thirty She is thirty years old on her birthday.
thirteen Fourteen is the number after thirteen.

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Learn about these words in Unit 11. Spelling choices for /er/ sound: er, ir, ur, ear + wor

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Other lists from Unit 11. Spelling choices for /er/ sound: er, ir, ur, ear + wor

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er and ear words This list contains British English spellings
ur - longer words
ir and ear - longer words
er - longer words
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